Land Record Management System Solution

Land Records Management Systems (LRMS) may seem pretty much the same — until you look at CSI's Title1® solution. It's the One Clear Answer® for a complete LRMS solution developed exclusively for county clerks, recorders, registers and abstractors. Our extensive knowledge of records management has produced a revolutionary system that easily automates the recording, indexing, management and sharing of recorded information.

With CSI's Title1 LRMS solution, records management functions aren't simply automated, they're actually enhanced. This powerful, flexible, affordable system is completely secure and offers a complete solution designed around the way county recording officials and abstractors actually work. Title1 saves time and money while providing a unique level of records management and support.

One Source. One Solution. One Clear Answer.


Effective records management requires the utmost in proactive management of information, productivity, flexibility, secure accessibility, data protection and cost savings, which is exactly what you get (and more) with CSI's Title1 LRMS solution. For over 40 years, CSI's experienced team has a 100% success record for converting data into the Title1 system with NO loss of data.


Superior Customer Service

over four decades of caring subject matter expertise


Significant Savings

over most land record systems


Improved Productivity

includes eRecording, flexible workflows, backfile recording, automated indexing and redaction


Advanced Records Management

includes a full-featured operational and strategic dashboard to monitor the health of your records management system



Title1 was the first to be certified with eRMConnect, the first nationwide, industry standard, electronic recording management (ERM) system, that entirely manages the eRecording of your records including customizable document routing


Seamless Conversion

100% success rate for converting other systems to Title1 for over 40 years


Security, Security, Security

Share, backup and recovery of information WITHOUT putting your information at risk to internet hacking or web-hosting expense


Title1 has a complete array of features for the management of your land record documents

Title1 has been certified by eRMConnect as an LRMS (Land Records Management System) provider. eRMConnect has established a nationwide industry standard Electronic Recording Management (ERM) system. This system allows any county to use eRMConnect with any certified Land Records Management System (LRMS) and any certified Electronic Recording Service Provider (ERSP) making it easier and more secure to send, receive, route and return electronic documents to Submitters.

You can receive, review, custom route all documents and then receipt record, and return the document to the ERSP electronically. It's simple, secure and productive.

Check processing is all but eliminated. As your recordings come in electronically the money is directly deposited to your bank account. All receipting transactions are processed electronically by ACH.
Cloud back-up and cloud data recovery has never been easier, faster and more affordable. T1Protect will give you the peace of mind knowing that your important documents and data are safe, even if you accidentally delete them or ransomware shuts down your system.

CSI brings over 40 years of data protection and recovery best practices to fully manage the data protection and recovery process. T1Protect is designed to minimize downtime and prevent the loss of critical data. With T1Protect, CSI can restore operations or data quickly and in a highly automated fashion. CSI can also test the recovery in advance so that if and when an issue does arise, CSI has the infrastructure to recover your system or data with the push of a button. T1Protect provides continuous and secure cloud backup and recovery of your mission critical data.

  • Predictable low-cost savings through a managed services model
  • Cloud backup and remote disaster recovery
  • Alignment of appropriate recovery strategies to capture and store data efficiently
  • Recovery automation processes to keep the recovery environment up to date and accelerate the recovery process at time of disaster
  • Regular testing to verify the effectiveness of the recovery process
  • Increased productivity by minimizing the disaster recovery workload for your staff
  • Predictable outcomes and an assurance that your data and applications can be recovered within the defined timeframe
Get 24/7 access to a statewide internet repository of recorded information, watermarked documents, conveyance history, eCommerce, free property fraud alerts, free limited searches for general public, link to local GIS, the ability to create saved searches with watches that alert you to any changes, full text search of images, API for bulk distribution of records and more.
A powerful information and management tool with proactive alerts that allow you to see and manage the health of your LRMS. You get data transparency and accuracy, access to key data, and the ability to quickly make better decisions about your data and the productivity of your users.

With T1 Manager, you can quickly get answers to your LRMS questions:
  • What is the health of my land records system?
  • How do I know if a document was fraudulently altered?
  • Did we have any financial adjustments like a voided receipt?
  • Did someone void a document, modified an index, modified a document or delete a document?
  • Are there any past due accounts or any prepaid accounts with too low a balance?
  • How productive is my staff? What is the status of the deeds being routed for approval?
  • Do I have a record index without a document image or vice versa?
  • Am I getting a good backup every day?
  • Were there any Property Fraud alerts?
  • How many recordings have we done this year vs last year (eRecording vs paper)?
  • How much did we receive in recording fees this year vs last year?
Your complete microfilm management solution that finds documents that require microfilm and then extracts, tracks and creates the microfilm for you automatically.
This is NOT cut and paste. T1 Index actually searches the documents finds the proper index information, displays where it found the index information and then automatically inputs the index information into the Title1 system.
This is NOT manual masking but a fully automated system to find custom configured confidential information in a document and then automatically redact this information from public view.
A free service that automatically alerts property owners when documents are filed against their property.
Additional Features

Enforces industry standard indexing practices

Powerful tools for mass indexing and recording

Record preservation with advanced file hashing and auditing

Fully integrated payment system enables you to receive debit/credit card payments for services

Fix index and receipt information without voiding a recording

Suspend/Hold recordings

Backfile recording

Bar code technology that automatically links the scanned document to its index

All-in-one search results screen

Easy access to cross-referenced documents (both index and images) from the all-in-one screen

Account receivable or pre-pay capability for your customers

Powerful remote search capabilities for abstractors

Audit trail and auditing of records

 Ask the Title1 Ball

Have questions about Title1? Find your answers here. Have additional questions? Contact us.

What about my existing data. Can CSI convert our data?

IT IS CERTAIN. CSI has been 100% successful in converting data from other systems into the Title1 system. CSI can even help you clean up your data.

Can Title1 interface with eRecording systems?

WITHOUT A DOUBT. Title1 can connect with the nationwide eRMConnect and can interface with any certified eRecording Service Provider (ERSP) or certified Land Record Management System (LRMS). eRMConnect is based on PRIA/MISMO industry standards for complete eRecording and customizable document routing.

Can Title1 provide access to public documents via the Internet?

SIGNS POINT TO YES. T1 Access not only provides 24/7 access to publicly recorded information and documents, but also includes proactive services for users of land records information. T1 Access updates the online information in near real-time. Users can search and purchase documents online without any local intervention through T1 Access.

Do Internet users have to access our Title1 system locally?

DO NOT COUNT ON IT! A unique benefit to Title1 is that internet users have NO access to the Title1 system locally and you have NO web hosting expense or endless SaaS payments for access to your LRMS. The T1 Access system is a separate repository of public-only information and is outside of the county network. Title1 "pushes" public data to the T1 Access system every ten minutes, thereby eliminating the need for costly web servers and firewalls, eliminating the potential for web hackers!

What about confidential information. Can Title1 find and automatically redact confidential information?

DEFINITELY! Title1 uses the industry's leading OCR technology to search for confidential information and will automatically redact that information.

Our recording load is increasing; can your system improve our efficiency?

YES. CSI's T1 Index feature allows you to accept more recordings without the need to hire more staff and with NO additional "per-document fee" and NO cut-and-paste. T1 Index uses the same advanced OCR technology that automatically finds and redacts confidential information. T1 Index finds required index informaion and automatically inputs this information into your Title1 system.

Can Title1 receipt and scan documents at the counter so I can return the recorded documents at the counter?

OUTLOOK GOOD. At the counter, Title1's quick-entry receipt system prints out a recording stamp with a barcode that, when scanned at the counter, automatically attaches the recorded document to the receipt — allowing you to return the document to the submitter at the counter. After scanning, Title1 will automatically search for and redact confidential information and extract additional index information from the document and do your data entry. It's that simple!

Does CSI provide ongoing support? If so, how does CSI charge for this support?

IT IS DECIDEDLY SO. CSI offers a fixed-cost comprehensive support agreement that covers unlimited toll-free telephone and Internet support, all Title1 enhancements and any state/federal mandated enhancements.

Does it take a long time to implement the Title1 solution?

DON'T COUNT ON IT. Once we receive your data, CSI can usually have your system converted, trained and implemented in as few as six weeks.

Would we ever have to pay for an upgrade to Title1?

MY SOURCES SAY NO. Once you pay for Title1 implementation, your only cost to keep Title1 indefinitely is our annual fixed-cost support agreement — one of the lowest cost support agreements in the industry! With Title1, there are NO hidden charges, no end-of-life-cycle upgrade costs, no per-document rental fee or SaaS fee that never ends or goes down. As a software developer, CSI makes enhancements to Title1 — we do not purchase a competitor's system then charge you for the "new" system.

Can you spread the implementation cost of Title1 over several years?

YOU MAY RELY ON IT. CSI offers very flexible payment terms to suit your budget. CSI will even spread the cost of the implementation over several years - with no financing cost!

Can we get a free demonstration and cost proposal for Title1?

IT IS DECIDEDLY SO! Title1 on-site demonstrations and cost proposals are provided at no charge. Simply call 800-860-1CSI (toll free) today to schedule a complimentary demonstration and price comparison to your existing system.
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